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TriFlection® is without a doubt the most innovative studio lighting accessory to hit the market in years!

Use it in one piece, vertically or even as three individual adjustable reflector panels that can be moved, locked and held at any angle without the panel arms slipping. Here are just a few configurations you can enjoy from TriFlection®.

What’s Included:
– 3 x Reversible silver / white reflector panels
– 2 x Reflector arms
– 1 x T-bar
– 2 x Standard adaptors
– 1 x Spiggot
– 1 x Triflection® multi-angle adaptor
– 2 x O’ring applicators
– 12 x O’rings (6 are spare)

Stu Williamson - FMPA & Inventor

“Designed to shine and with a myriad of uses”

Richard Shymansky - Studio Owner

“A must have for all photographers whether they are studio based or on the road!”

photo with triflection

TriFlection® In Use

Whether you are a pro-enthusiast or a seasoned professional TriFlection® is the perfect reflector for indoor or on-location assignments. Designed for photographers by photographers this incredible reflector will let you throw light exactly where you want it and give you the ability to create fantastic and unusual catchlights in the eyes of your subject. Literally ‘Designed To Shine®’ you will love using your TriFlection® for almost every type of shoot you do on a day-to-day basis. Enjoy this short video and the others in our Inspiration page to give you ideas and demonstrations of this great bit of kit in use.

what comes with triflection

How to Setup

Setting up TriFlection® couldn’t be easier and although it arrives in a sturdy storage box most photographers leave it assembled once set up. Watch this short tutorial video which will guide you step by step on how to set up and use TriFlection®. Once using this great piece of kit we are certain that you will come up with a myriad of your own configurations to suit your work and style and enjoy the endless reflective configurations this incredible reflector will offer you. When you have finished using TriFlection® for the day, you can swing the two arms vertically downwards and face all the reflector panels to the wall for easy assembled storage.

As per the instructions on the Tutorial Video please take care when attaching the O’rings as they can ping off. Also, take care with the metal clips on each side of the reflector as they can be a little sharp and they are also delicate.

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